Meet the Parents

Charlie came to us through a family who had adopted a dalmatian but found they could not meet his needs for regular, vigorous exercise. LinkNow Media decided to take him on board until a more permanent home could be found. However, we soon fell hopelessly in love with Charlie and decided to adopt him permanently. Soon after, clients began inquiring about our breeding program for this amazing breed. We soon decided to enlist the assistance of a well-known Montreal area breeder, who graciously allowed us to breed his dalmatian Missy. Soon, Missy and Charlie began to parent the beautiful dalmatians that LinkNow Media is known for today.

Wesley and Melissa are champion pugs who were both raised in New York state. LinkNow Media founders adopted Melissa as a puppy and became so enamored of her that we wanted to learn more about the pug breed. Eventually, we adopted Wesley as well and began a small breeding program designed to maintain the highest standards and provide these adorable, friendly, and all around marvelous dogs to other loving homes. Today, Wesley and Melissa are fixtures of LinkNow Media and enjoy spending time with human and canine guests. All prospective adoption families are welcome to meet the mother and father pug team and view their documents.