Montreal Cat Sitting

Montreal cat sitting specialists offer the best solution to cat owners who have concerns about travel with their feline companion. We are able to provide care for both healthy and sick or recovering cats while you are out of town.

During our years in operation we have been able to establish a fair list of satisfied cat owners in the Montreal area who return to us again and again when they want to go away on a vacation or simply need to be out of town for a couple of days. LinkNow Media is able to offer our customers piece of mind that their cat is safe and happy when they need to travel. We take great pride in the fact that so many Montreal cat owners feel they can trust us with providing reliable care to their cats when they are on the road.

Our depth of experience is really what sets us apart from other Montreal cat sitters. We strive to hire only sitters with a veterinary background or those who have been cat owners themselves for at least 5 years. This way our sitters have experience with a variety of both normal and abnormal feline behaviours. We are very easily able to tell what the important warnings signs are and make sure that an ailing cat receives appropriate and immediate attention if needed. This gives us an advantage over friends, neighbours and boarding facilities and kennels which are often crowded.

Putting your cat in a kennel or boarding facility is far from the ideal environment for a cat. Besides being crowded, most of the employees at boarding facilities are simply technicians and are not socializing or keeping your cat company. Being without your presence can be a very stressful time for your cat. In a boarding facility they are often left alone except for feeding time and experience no interaction most of the day or night; similar to prison.

Unlike people and most canines, cats do not enjoy new experiences. They enjoy being in a familiar environment and being forcibly removed from that environment causes them incredible stress and worry and can even make them sick. When you are away, your cat will fare far better at home!

LinkNow Media is the solution. As we have outlined, your cat will be much happier and will adapt easily to a caregiver (and food provider) who interacts with them for an extended period of the day, every day. We have found that if there are multiple cats it is possible for visits to be less frequent, but still find that most cats seem to appreciate more frequent visits by verbalizing much less when the caregiver arrives.